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The Puck Stops HereThe Puck Stops Here
Hockey Players’ Healthy Eating Handbook
By Roxanne Tuomela
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Published: December 2014
ISBN: 978-1478738497
Genre: Non-Fiction/Sports & Nutrition/Hockey
Formats Available For Review: print (limited quantities, only available to qualified reviewers/bloggers in the U.S.), ebook, kindle

A MUST Read If You Want to Have the Competitive Edge Over Your Opponent!

The Puck Stops Here is the only nutritional book on the market specifically written for hockey players, consider it the hockey players’ nutritional Bible. This outstanding handbook helps hockey players, from mites to pros, embrace the importance of properly nourishing one’s body not only during the hockey season but all year long. The lessons learned actually stay with the player long after one’s hockey career, it’s said to be life changing. Roxanne truly motivates each individual player to make smart and easily sustainable changes to their eating habits. The book teaches hockey players how to incorporate nutrient-dense foods with ease for optimal performance. Hockey players, coaches and parents will join together in this remarkable movement to do things a little differently when it comes to fueling and refueling. Learning about nutrition has never been more enjoyable. The Puck Stops Here provides the reader with all the facts but it also encourages one to think outside of the box, to really pay attention to one’s body and the signals it may be sending.

Expected results:

Improved ENERGY levels
Incredible ENDURANCE
Increased MUSCLE mass
Outrageous STRENGTH
Ditch poor eating habits once and for all!

Here is what is being said:

If you’re low on energy, seek out Roxanne; she’ll get you back on track. I’ve never met a person with so much passion and drive to help others. She’s scored a Hat Trick with her “Puck Stops Here” nutritional book. Hockey is getting to be so competitive and skilled. Players need to realize that what they are putting into their bodies is equally important as the physical training they are doing. Thanks Roxanne for laying it out in such an easily digestible book form!! ~ Lance Pitlick, former NHLer

As a youth hockey coach, I find that the majority of young elite athletes do not know how to fuel their bodies properly. And much of that begins with the need to educate their parents. Roxanne’s book provides the core principles of sports nutrition. It also provides numerous examples and suggestions for others to follow. This is a great read for aspiring young athletes and their parents. ~ Travis Howe, Youth Hockey Coach

“As a hockey mom to a growing teen player, I love that this book provides quick reference suggestions for the healthiest (and quickest) solutions to eating around a busy hockey schedule! It also goes beyond and provides the supporting information and specifics for a host of health issues! Awesome go-to book for healthier skaters both now and in the future! Thank you for addressing this ongoing concern for hockey families!” ~ Shannon Gilbert, Hockey Mom

About the Author:
Roxanne is a board certified holistic health practitioner and a master transformational life coach. She has studied nutrition for over 30 years and has been a natural athlete all of her life. Her number one priority is that she and her family live their happiest and healthiest life possible, one which is in balance. With her coaching skills and methods she is creating outstanding team players and effective leaders both on ice and off. And, she’s a hockey mom!

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