Suspense/Romance – Sanctuary

by Glyn Smith-Wild
Publisher: OBS
ISBN: 978-1470091569
Published: April 2012
Pages: 290
Genre: Suspense/Romance
Format available for review: ebook

This is part one of the Ben Coverdale Trilogy.

In “Sanctuary” we meet Ben and his girlfriend, Mary. They have been living together for five years and we find Ben preparing to celebrate the anniversary. Mary, however, has been seeing someone else, and is about to announce to Ben that she is leaving to live with Donald, a man nearly old enough to be her father. Ben is devastated, and decides that now is the time to live out a dream he has had for many years and emigrates to France to escape from everything. He is totally unaware of the fact that Mary’s new relationship is far from happy, especially when she discovers after just three weeks that she is carrying Ben’s child. Eventually she has to tell Donald and expects that to be the end of the relationship. Donald, however, insists that she stay. In France, Ben gets an email from an old flame, Katie, who has been abducted by a gang who are trying to find her husband. Ben manages to locate her and brings her back to his home in France. After Mary’s baby is born, she contacts an old friend who takes her to France to meet up again with Ben, but when she gets there she comes face to face with Katie who she has always considered to be a contender for Ben’s affections

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