Horror – Ruins of the Mind: The Ancient Curse

Ruins of the Mind: The Ancient CurseRuins of the Mind
by Craig A Wright
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 978-1478710684
Published: March 2013
Pages: 328
Genre: Horror

The world has become a cold, hard place to live – a place where freedom is found only in the departure from living. Its people are enslaved by fear, suffering, and chaos, and even Mother Nature is at war with herself. Earth has become a giant graveyard of destruction, all thanks to an unspeakably evil curse. The beginning of the new world order started the moment Professor Goldsmith pushed off the gold marbled lid from a sarcophagus in a tomb hidden deep within the Sahara desert. An ancient curse was released upon mankind and all life on Earth, causing reality to crumble into chaos. Only the strong survive in this new world. But one man holds the key to free the future from the past, and his journey becomes a test of free will. Ruins of the Mind is his story – a sweeping saga of courage, love, loss, and pain.

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