Personal Transformation – Understanding the Patterns of Your Life: Take Charge of Your Destiny

Understanding the Patterns of Your LifeUnderstanding the Patterns of Your Life: Take Charge of Your Destiny
By George Pan Kouloukis
Publisher: Red Feather
Published: July 2017
ISBN: 978-0764353208
Genre: Non-Fiction,  Personal Transformation, Self-Help
Formats Available for Review: PDF, NetGalley

The book is an astonishing discovery! The moment you’ve finished reading it, you’ll be able to learn whether the years just ahead are good or bad for you – and how long this season will last! You can act so accordingly. If you find that a storm is on the horizon, you’ll take shelter in time; if you find that sunny days loom ahead, you’ll take advantage of it before the opportunity passes. In short, you’ll be able to take crucial decisions regarding your career, marriage, family, relationships, and all other life’s issues.

So, the book radically transforms the way we all live today. You will see among other things, why you mustn’t be seized by despair and pessimism when you find you are in a bad season of your life –fearing that this season will never end. Or, why you can dare when you find you are in a good season – fate is with you. Also, you’ll see that when you find you are in a good season of your life, you mustn’t behave as if you assume that this season will never end. On the contrary, you have to take in time the necessary measures to face successfully the problems that may occur in the bad season that will follow.

Also, you’ll learn from this book that you must not blame yourself –and have not any remorse– for the fact that a bad season came in your life. You’ll realize that you haven’t made any mistake to cause the arrival of this season, and you couldn’t have done anything for avoiding this; the bad season would have inevitably arrived in any case. And yes: you’ll see, among the lots of advantages this book offers, that you can entrust an employee or colleague with the solution of a difficult problem –or a politician to govern your country, or even a coach of a basketball team– only if you know they are in a good season of their life, operating so from a position of strength.

You’ll also see that the biographies of 22 famous people cited in the book (from Beethoven and Napoleon to Picasso and Jackie Kennedy) are really super-interesting. You’ll be amazed to learn, for example, why Napoleon the Great wouldn’t have attacked in 1815 the English and Germans in Waterloo – where he suffered total destruction that lead him to death – if he knew the theory of this book. Things may have so taken another course for him, and a new good season, a glorious one again, may have later started for Napoleon.

Also, you’ll see that the discovery cited in this book can also help you to foresee the life evolution of the other people – of your friends and relatives, of famous people (artists, singers, actors, and the likes), or even of the politicians that govern you. You can predict, for example, how long the leader of your country will stay in power after his election, or for how long a famous singer will continue his successful career. All depends on the season – good or bad – these persons are at a given moment, as explained in detail in the book.

Finally, the discovery revealed in the book will radically change in the future the mentality and character of all people. People will become more philosophized, realists, and peaceful –they will know that a good season doesn’t last forever, on the contrary a bad season awaits; it hasn’t any meaning, therefore, being quarrelsome and aggressive. On the contrary, the Man will become tolerant and merciful, and have more understanding towards the others. Superficiality and imprudence, even if they don’t disappear completely, will drastically be reduced.

The author George Pan Kouloukis is an attorney-at-law, a lawyer barrister. He is a Greek citizen, born and brought up in Greece, and he is living in Greece. His mother tongue is also Greek; English is his second language. Now retired, he was a member of the Athens Bar Association of Greece and he had provided legal services to the Ionian Bank of Greece, the Greek Electric Railways Company, and other corporations. He is married with two daughters and three grandchildren.


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Self-Help/Spirituality – The Six Principles of Enlightenment and Meaning of Life

The Six Principles of Enlightenment and Meaning of LifeThe Six Principles of Enlightenment and Meaning of Life
By Russell Anthony Gibbs
Publisher: Wavecloud Corporation
Published: March 2016
ISBN: 978-1622177080 (hc)
ISBN: 978-1622177073 (pb)
Pages: 94
Genre: Spirituality, Religion, Personal Transformation, Self Help
Formats Available For Review: epub, mobi, pdf

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of life or speculated about your life’s purpose? Have you ever pondered the nature of our existence or how the universe really functions? If you are one of the many who have, The Six Principles of Enlightenment and Meaning of Life reveals the answers. This intellectual and spiritual work explains the six significant universal truths woven throughout science, religion and philosophy. These principles draw upon thousands of years of wisdom and are presented in a concise, accessible format. Each principle is defined and has an explanation on its application to life; they are further supported by quotes of wisdom from enlightened beings, philosophers, artists and scientists like Buddha, Albert Einstein, Rumi, Stephen Hawking and Jesus.

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Self-Help – The Power of Labels

The Power of LabelsThe Power of Labels
By Marsy Beron
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 978-1481798464
Genre: Self-Help, Personal Transformation
Formats Available For Review: kindle or print (limited quantities, only available to qualified reviewers/bloggers)

“Gestalt psychotherapist Beron, in her debut self-help book, examines the positive and negative impacts of being socially labeled and how such labels shape one’s feelings, thoughts and behavior.

“The power of labels is like an invisible pressure…which intercepts our thoughts and actions, distorts beyond recognition the mirror…and makes us vulnerable to the pain of the past and the fear of the future,” asserts the author in the book’s foreword. Although people may acquire labels at any age, Beron contends that most first appear in childhood and come from such sources as classmates, teachers, parents and friends. She briefly describes the Gestalt theory of psychotherapy, which emphasizes personal responsibility, and uses it as a basis for exploring ways that people may assume positive control over their lives. Beron reminds readers that people may be labeled in direct and indirect ways, with or without cruel intent, due to name-calling, nicknames or comparison to others. What’s important, then, is how people believe such characterizations and how they become a part of their identities. In turn, those conceptions of identity influence people’s thoughts and habits and may deter them from changing their lives.

A helpful, hopeful and thorough guide that invites readers to change the images in their mirrors.” -KIRKUS Review

“In The Power of Labels, a self-help book with an encouraging tone, Marsy Beron discusses a range of ways people label themselves or are labeled by others, and the detrimental psychological effects this can have on children and adults.

Through a series of personal stories, Beron focuses on how labels are created for others by parents, co-workers, and spouses, and how that can influence people’s perceptions of themselves and their environments. She relies on many anecdotal experiences, not only from her own life but also from her clients and group therapy work, to offer advice.” – CLARION Review

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New Age – Practical Conscious Creation: Daily Techinques to Manifest Your

Practical Conscious CreationPractical Conscious Creation: Daily Techinques to Manifest Your Desires
By Jackie Lapin
Publisher: Findhorn Press
ISBN: 978-1844095612
Pages: 256
Genre: New Age, Spirit

Practical Conscious Creation: Daily Techniques to Manifest Your Desires anchors Law of Attraction and Conscious Manifesting Techniques, Tools & Practices into Daily Life, making you a Better, Faster, Manifestor day-by-day.

How often do you REALLY remember to engage the Law of Attraction and Conscious Creation? Now there’s a book that helps you incorporate these practices into EVERY SINGLE DAY! Practical Conscious Creation takes Conscious Creation down to the cellular level—employing this powerful form of inspired thought in all actions, decisions, and routines. A methodology for re-energizing and re-empowering your daily experiences, making them the engine for the change you intend.

Filled with specific and imaginative practices, Practical Conscious Creation offers 70 articles with step-by-step actions to achieve greater empowerment, abundance and joy.

It’s Not About “Occasional” Visualization. To Manifest Fast and Efficiently –You Have to Live It Daily and Here’s How

Winner at International New Age Trade Show, LA Book Festival, Indie Excellence, IPPY Silver and Pinnacle Achievement Awards!

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