Spiritual Self-Help – The Magic of Inner Silence

The Magic of Inner SilenceThe Magic of Inner Silence
How to Connect With Nature and Rediscover Your Joy of Life
By Brigitte Novalis
Published: April 2017
ISBN: 978-1944870195
Genre: Meditation Self-Help, Spiritual Self-Help
Formats Available For Review: pdf, mobi, epub

The life you want is just within reach.

Are you tired of not living up to your potential? Are you finding nothing but struggle and heartache as you go through life day in and day out? Or has your life just become dull?

In The Life You Want – The Key to a Happy and Fulfilling Life, author Brigitte Novalis gives you the key to open the door to a happier new life. With her background as an intuitive healer and therapist, Novalis has already changed the lives of countless people for the better. And with the valuable information and meditations inside this book, your new life is even closer than you think.

That’s because it all starts with you. Once you accept that only you can change your mindset, everything soon becomes crystal-clear. The uplifting message and potent exercises contained within this book will guide you to the life you’ve always wanted and deserved.

So, stop worrying about the past or future, buy your copy today and start taking charge of your life—because a happier new life is out there waiting for you!


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Spiritual Self-Help – Come into His Fullness, Becoming a Whole Brain Believer

Come into His Fullness, Becoming a Whole Brain BelieverCome into his fullness
by Pam Micca with Ginger Smith
Publisher: West Bow Press
ISBN: 978-1449772000
Published: November 2012
Pages: 314
Genre: Spiritual Self-Help
Format Available for review: print, ebook

Pam Micca understands how to weave together a message of change that could only be attained by applying the very aspects of psychology, spirituality, and biblical principle that, at times, can seem to contradict each other. In her new book, Come into His Fullness, Becoming a Whole Brain Believer, Pam pragmatically and relentlessly calls us forward to explore the areas in our lives where we are losing the battle in our attempts to become healthier in body, soul and spirit. More importantly, her book teaches the reader to methodically search out the self with the same passion a miner experiences as he searches for a rich vein of jewels or gold ore.

“I consider this book a primer” said Micca. “I wrote it to provide readers with simple answers to their spiritual questions. It is not the complete story or a deep intensive study of any one of its parts. It provides a broad overview of steps the reader can take to come into greater fullness of relationship with God.” Micca acknowledges that in her own life journey she has rarely fit into the “norm” when it came to spiritual issues or in the ways she has interacted with God. She states that “the rhythms of my communications with God would often include a ‘no’ or ‘why?’ I wanted him to show me, explain to me, help me understand the reasons for the various steps he wanted me to take and the stages he wanted me to engage in as I worked to cooperate with his will, direction, purpose and design for my life.”

Because Micca was hungry for the healing, growth and maturity that a relationship with God promised, she chose to embark on a lifelong journey with God regardless of how painful and/or difficult it was at times. She has a strong desire to share the specific steps she took along the way. She learned to check things out for herself regardless of any initial negative internal message she experienced upon encountering new information or new definitions of old information. In the process she has also learned how to dig deeply into the Word of God. She has discovered that there is always a reason for why God says and does the things He says and does.

Come into His Fullness has received a glowing endorsement from Deborah Bedford, an award-winning author whose novels have been published in 18 countries and in a dozen different languages. Her novels include A Morning like This, A Rose by the Door, Remember Me, The Penny and Any Minute. Bedford says “Within these pages, the author has been able to integrate issues that impact each of us daily …not overlooking any parts of the self or of God, even if those parts can seem unattractive, painful, ugly, or unpleasant.” Bedford adds that this book is “a gift to all of us that Micca has seen fit to share this ultimate adventure story … in a way that teaches us the step-by-step instructions on how to be present when the heavenly Father calls us to be everything He created us to be.”

Pam Micca is a gifted teacher, leader, and counselor. She is the founder and CEO of Healthy Women, Healthy Girls LLC, a consulting, education and women’s ministry organization. She has been a therapist for 28 years and has developed an expertise working with individuals with eating disorders and related co-morbid illnesses. As a writer and speaker she has developed the ability to creatively illustrate biblical principles, poetically express age-old truths and weave her clinical expertise as a therapist into the way she helps people dig into their own souls, as they search for healing and whole person health.

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