Thriller – Blood Horizon

Blood HorizonBlood Horizon
By R.O. Sawyer
Published: May 2016
Genre: thriller
Formats Available For Review: Kindle

Pop! Pop! A quick loud explosive sound cut through the air, stunning them both. Pop! Pop! Pop!

“What was that?” Rayna exclaimed.

“I don’t know.” Betty’s face had gone completely white, her makeup standing out in stark contrast at her jawline. “It sounds like…”

“Gunshots!” Rayna cried. She had hoped beyond hope that her father’s work would not have a negative effect on this day. The screams echoed through the sanctuary and the sound of feet running, as the wedding guests scrambled to escape.

“Come with me!” Betty grabbed her hand pulled her into the restroom. “We have to hide!”

The sanctuary had gone silent. The sound of the gunman’s footsteps echoed through the building. Rayna and Betty cowered in the small room. There were no windows and all Rayna could think about was how trapped they were. Heart pounding, she wondered what happened upstairs. Why was it so silent? Who got hurt? Where was Mark? Next to her, Betty clutched her hands to her heart, eyes wide and panting breath. With some embarrassment, Rayna realized she still had her bouquet in her hand, the thickly-wrapped stem pressed against the center of her chest. The scent of freesia overwhelmed her senses. She could never again smell freesia without reliving that moment.

Outside the door, she heard the sound of the dressing room open. Thick footsteps clumped against the marble floor. Rayna held her breath, casting a glance to the panicked Betty. With agonizing slowness, the footsteps circled the room, pausing before the restroom door. Rayna realized with a sudden certainty that the door had been closed, but not locked. It was too late now. If they made any sound it would alert him to their presence.

Praise for Blood Horizon:
“Rayna Delgado always knew her Father’s life in the organization would come back to haunt her one day. They made one big mistake and just happened to pick the wrong woman and perfect day.” -Robin Lee, Top 100 reviewer

“I loved every bit of ‘BLOOD HORIZON’. R. O. Sawyer wonderfully unveils a tense, thrilling narration with an extra jolt of suspense. A short story that starts like a classic fairy tale; a long-awaited dream of Rayna comes true, but it gets mercilessly shattered by her father’s mysterious organization.

This is a superb tale coupled with some exquisite twists and turns that forever transform her, from a sweet hopeless romantic into a vengeful assassin. I hope a follow up title is coming soon; I can’t wait to read it! I highly recommend this for any lover of enthralling stories that always seem too short!” – Jackie N.

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