Thriller – JB Michaels Action Thriller Collection

JB Michaels Action Thriller CollectionJB Michaels Action Thriller Collection
By JB Michaels
Publisher: Harrison and James Publishing
Release Date: 2/28/2017
Genre: Action/Adventure, Suspense, Paranormal Thriller, Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction
Formats Available For Review:pdf, mobi and epub

3 fast-paced thrillers packed with imaginative action, nail-biting suspense, and plenty of humor and heart…
From Bestselling Author JB Michaels.

With over 500 pages of action adventure and thrills, these individual books have earned 7 five star badges from Readers’ Favorite and over 45 positive reviews on Amazon.

When evil spirits invade only one eccentric genius can stop them. Meet Hutchins, Bud Hutchins!

Meet the Tannenbaum Tailors: elves charged with maintaining Christmas trees in homes around the world. Without the Tailors’ efforts, families might lose their Christmas spirit. And this year, one team of Tailors will be tested like never before.

A grisly murder ties to the theft of Bud Hutchins’s dangerous invention, a device that gives humans the ability to teleport. Bud, in an attempt to recover his stolen teleportation tech, finds the eviscerated body of a monk who belonged to the Order of St. Michael, a special sect of the Roman Catholic Church formed to keep evil spirits at bay. In a fast-paced supernatural thriller, Bud travels from the forest of Salem to the Louisiana bayou to the Welsh countryside to battle witches, zombies, and monsters as an ancient evil calls from beyond.

With the North Pole itself under attack, newly promoted Captain Brendan is assigned a special mission: conceal the source of Santa’s power within a Christmas tree in Chicago. On Christmas Eve, Santa will pick it up.

The job would be simple, but the Tailors find themselves facing a serious threat””the thieving Spiritless elves, already responsible for sabotaging the North Pole Home Tree, will do anything to gain control of the very thing that makes Christmas possible.

Equally bad, Christmas spirit is at an all-time low in the Chicago home where Brendan’s assigned. The family’s mother even wants to take the tree down before Christmas Eve! To save Christmas, Captain Brendan and his Tailors will have to use every spirit-raising trick they know””and possibly even bend a few rules to pull it off.

Thrills and mayhem run rampant in the continuing saga of suspense, sacrifice, and the spirit of Christmas.

The Spiritless are angry with Captain Brendan for making them think they’d stolen the Secret Snowball, and they get their revenge by attacking the Christmas tree of a human boy named Jack with termites. And another very special tree is in danger”

The Spiritless trap Brendan and the other Tailors and entice Jack to tell his parents all about the Tailors. But doing so would ruin the magic of Christmas!

The Tailors swoop in at the last moment, preventing Jack from spilling the beans, and send the Spiritless packing. For over a year, Brendan searches for the Spiritless leader””to no avail. He’s arrested and imprisoned for telling a human about the Tailors, so the Spiritless are able to continue in their diabolical plan.

Can the Tailors save the Home Tree””and Christmas?

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