Time Travel Sci-fi – Temporal Dreams

Temporal DreamsTemporal Dreams
By Lesley L. Smith
Publisher: Quarky Media
ISBN: 978-0986135002(print)
ISBN: 978-0986135019 (ebook)
Genre: Science Fiction, Time Travel
Formats Available For Review: pdf, mobi, epub

What if Dreamtime is real?

In Boulder, Colorado college student and former foster-kid Kairi Johnson’s dream is to start a family of her own but, instead, she ends up trapped twenty years in her past. She discovers she can time-travel but it’s not as simple as it first appears. Each successive time trip results in more and more people getting hurt: she loses her fiance and her best friend and discovers she’s the reason for her parents’ deaths. All seems lost until she meets a fascinating stranger, Kyle. Perhaps, he’s not a stranger at all?

In Sydney, Australia twenty-five-year-old Kyle Barada is heir to his clan’s Time Travel business. When his dad dies under suspicious circumstances, Kyle vows to find out what happened to him. He discovers a mysterious relative has been working against him, secretly foiling him at every turn. All seems lost until he tracks down missing clan member, Kairi.

Can Kairi and Kyle time-travel together and save everyone they love?

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