Travel – Conversations on La Playa: A Gringo’s Tales of Medellin

Conversations on La Playa: A Gringo’s Tales of MedellinConversations on La Playa
by Robert Hodum
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 978-1469771670
Published: April 2012
Pages: 390
Genre: Travel, Memoir, Travel Adventure

Conversations on La Playa: A Gringo’s Tales of Medellín is a story of life in the early 70s in Medellín, Colombia. Journey back to a country torn by poverty and civil unrest and travel through this country’s most perilous and magical settings. See what life on the road was like back in those days and travel through one of South America’s most exciting countries.

Being a gringo in Colombia in 1973, meant being totally disconnected from the grid, some notoriety and a daily promise of adventure and danger. Colombian guerrillas detained and boarded buses in the mountains and phantom-filled jungles and deserts were glorious nightmares to be savored and survived. Serenades and night-long cumbia parties blasted until dawn, and crossing La Línea, the Highway of Death, could end at the bottom of a ravine. The carnival of Medellín’s streets boiled with the energy of street performers and confidence men, smelled of brewed tinto coffee and freshly cut pineapple and provided the stage for student protests and romantic rendezvous. The inexplicable and mystical waited around the next street corner and the shadow characters of Medellín’s urban landscape followed me home at night. So, let’s go on the road together and discover haunting sights and remarkable people, risk traveling mile-high mountain passes and come with me to experience the Colombia unknown to tourists and sometimes ignored by Colombians.

But please, leave your credit cards at home, no laptops and, sure as hell, no cell phones allowed!

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