Travel – Devil Dolphins Of Silver Lagoon And Other Stories

Devil Dolphins Of Silver Lagoon And Other StoriesDevil Dolphins of Silver Lagoon
By Michael Bennett
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1452873923
Pages: 228
Genre: Travel, Humor, Non-fiction

From the sailing whales of Patagonia to the neurotic attack dolphins of Brazil, a behind-the-scenes view of the making of many of Flip Nicklin’s National Geographic magazine stories of the last few decades (and other assorted craziness). If you appreciate the beautiful photos of whales and dolphins that appear in your books and calenders, then you ‘ll appreciate these engaging, often hilarious, tales of what went into the making of some of them.

From the Inside Flap
Captain Michael Bennett has been places most of us can only imagine, and along the way, he’s had experiences both amazing and baffling. Whether it’s being hassled by surly dolphins, befriending a hermit crab on a treacherous island, spearheading the rescue of an orphaned orca, or relying on sheer luck to cross conflict-stricken Sri Lanka, Bennett has plenty of engaging tales to tell.

Devil Dolphins of Silver Lagoon and Other Stories is a collection of anecdotes and stories from his travels far and wide, it’s a delightful read. A laid-back, yet immensely capable, seaman with diving, navigation, and photography expertise under his belt, he’s the perfect right-hand man for any impromptu expedition. He has the indefatigable spirit of someone who has seen many incredible things, yet hasn’t lost his sense of awe and appreciation for the world’s wonders.

And while the title claims he was a reluctant assistant, his boundless enthusiasm for his work and adventures is inescapable, as is his pride in the fine work he and photographer Flip Nicklin produced for National Geographic. (Although I’m sure he’d prefer not to have been bitten by rude dolphins to get those impressive photos.)

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