Travelogue – Traveling around the World: Our Tales of Delights and Disasters

Traveling around the World: Our Tales of Delights and DisastersTraveling Around The World
By Shelley Row
Publisher: BookLocker
ISBN: 978-0984698912
Published: January 2012
Pages: 132
Genre: Travelogue

Sometimes the best planned trip doesn’t go as planned. Shelley and her husband, Mike, embarked on a two-month trip around the world, returning to the U.S. after ten months living in France. The meticulously planned travels didn’t go as planned – to say the least! They landed in Cairo, Egypt during the riots, were in Christchurch, New Zealand for an earthquake, and were in a hotel near the ocean when the tsunami that devastated Japan rushed past the Hawaiian Islands.

Shelley’s book, Traveling Around the World: Our Tales of Delights and Disasters, is a compilation of her stories written during this two-month adventure. The stories bring to life delightful experiences like mediating with monks in Thailand, traveling on the Orient Express through Malaysia, shearing sheep in New Zealand, as well as the drama and heartbreak of traveling through the disasters. Join Shelley and Mike on the journey and meet the people who touched their lives along the way.

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