True Crime: Suffocated

By David Tognoni
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1468140019
Published: April 2012
Pages: 314
Genre: True Crime, Child Abuse

“Your son Wes has been suffocated,” they were the most terrifying words for a father to hear. Frantically, Dave Tognoni, drives five hours to the hospital, horrified with a torment of thoughts, saying, “Hang on Wes, hang on.” There in intensive care he finds his intelligent, active toddler son now naked, sedated, and unconscious. When the accident happened, his wife, a trained paramedic, revived him through CPR, but it was too late. After heart-wrenching weeks of inconsolable tears, rocking Wes, gathering his family for support, the verdict was in: massive brain damage. Wes would live out his life with severe/profound Cerebral Palsy in a wheel chair functioning at the level of an infant. Dave and his wife divorce and his ex-wife is bitterly unrelenting in her attacks through the divorce courts using his two older children as monetary pawns leaving him financially ruined, separated, and estranged from his children. Later, as Dave is trying to make sense of it all, he finds out that all might not be, as it seems. Dave watches a horrific documentary on TV about Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome now called Factitious Disorder by Proxy where mothers use suffocation, poison etc. on their own children, to gain attention. His ex-wife’s profile eerily seems to fit. This is the true story of a divorced father, demonized by the liberal “justice” system, ensnared in a web of puzzling deception, relentlessly attacked and intentionally jailed in “debtor’s prison” by his ex-wife. Dave survives the devastation of Wes’ suffocation, the destruction of his family, to boldly present the facts of the manipulative facade. You decide the truth.

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