Urban Fantasy – Empty Altars

Empty AltarsEmpty Altars
By Judith Post
ASIN: B007EW75Y6
Genre: Urban Fantasy with Myths
Formats Available For Review: pdf,epub,mobi

Mortals have deserted the old gods, but the Greek goddess Diana hasn’t deserted them. She lives in a condo, overlooking Central Park, practicing her magic. But when her runes send her to the Norse lands, she discovers that Tyr, Donar, and Freya still protect mortals, too. She finds the Norse gods under attack. Heid, a greedy witch who rose three times from death pyres, intends to usurp the Norse lands and their people. Heid’s joined forces with frost giants, and the gods can’t defeat her without Diana’s help. Diana’s not afraid of gods or giants, but she has to be careful around Tyr, the sky god. Everything about him appeals to her. She’s remained a maiden all these centuries. Can one god undermine her independence?

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