Urban Fantasy – Eternal Curse

Eternal Curse: Giovanni’s AngelEternal Curse
By Toi Thomas
Publisher: Toi Thomas
Published: September 2012
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Dr. Mira Brown is an exceedingly successful woman in the prime of her life, but she is not happy. When she begins to search online for answers to the meaning of life and tries to figure out what she needs to be happy, she meets a mysterious man named Giovanni. Immediately her doctor’s inquisitiveness makes her overwhelmingly intrigued by this man who says that his skin is gray and is near fatally sensitive to direct sunlight.

Mira thinks she’s stumbled onto an incredible medical study in Giovanni that will bring new purpose and excitement into her life. When she finally decides to travel away from the big city to meet him at his secluded country home, Mira soon learns that the study of medicine doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of understanding the mystery that is, Giovanni. Once Giovanni’s true nature is revealed to Mira through a horrifying transformation, she understands that there are beings and powers that exist beyond the world of scientific explanation. Mira and Giovanni are both left with life altering decisions to make as they begin to battle against a multitude of dark forces. Filled with eerie dream sequences, demonic and angelic encounters, and the inevitable presence of romantic tension, this novel will leave you pleasantly exhausted upon discovering the secrets of the Eternal Curse.

This book is available as an ebook at Amazon.com and Barnes&Noble.com, and is also available in paperback at thebookpatch.com.

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