Urban Fantasy – Requiem, Changing Times

Requiem, Changing TimesRequiem, Changing Times
By RJ Parker
Publisher: Olympia Publishers
Published: September 2019
ISBN: 978-1788304429
Genre: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy
Formats Available For Review: pdf, mobi, kindle

Sackson, is hired to steal top secret information from John Holden’s new science that will change the world but is caught attempting to escape from the military base.

In another time and place; Banks, a knight of the Salvations Alliance, escapes from deep incursion behind enemy lines with the help of a Dwarf named O’Neil. After they are pursued, they escape by mysterious circumstances. The troll commanded to capture Banks, Voscass, is recruited by a Spellbinder to fallow Banks on a mission to retrieve a sacred object known as the Requiem and Clint Holden. After reaching Karmaridon, Banks is entrusted with a secret to the command group of chosen travel through a portal to retrieve the Requiem and Clint.

Clint Holden, a young man who is just starting junior high at ends with his stepfather John before his parents leave.

Clint’s family and friends, Cody, Tamara, Grant, Kayla, Grandmother, Jamie, Carbon are all caught between sides of good and evil while striving to keep the appearance that things are normal. While Banks, O’Neil, Tremayne, Ohlwiler, Ravin Hobb, Chiowood work to save Clint and friends while searching for the Requiem.

They are attacked by an Imps, wolves, zombies, vampires, orcs, ogres, that destroy a gas station, woods, hospitals, stores, and even the High School dance where O’Neil creates a distraction by singing.

Their lives are turned upside down while trying to keep a low profile because Clint knows nothing of the Requiem. They endeavor to hide the magic which occurs around them from there once-neglected yard to become a landscaper’s paradise, a tree growing behind the front door, to the changes as two families become one and love each other.

Between the conflict when nothing could be found in the end, Banks and his team must return home. Before they can one of the family is taken and once rescued her life hangs in the balance and all the forces of evil march against their home.

Clint and family abandon their house and flee for their lives when Banks uses his last weapon from his team, saving them all. They gather at the portal when the spellbinder defies death and makes one last desperate attempt to win. Banks faces the Spellbinder alone with Clint watching.

They are saved by O’Neil crashing into the Spellbinder. Banks then shares his secret of what he has been hiding about the Requiem.

In the end, Banks learns there was something more behind everything and Clint’s life has been changed forever as well as all of ours.

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