Urban Fiction – Slave to the Trade

Slave to the TradeSlave to the Trade
By Percy Levy
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1478142027
Published: December 2012
Pages: 324
Genre: Urban Fiction / Street Lit.
Format Available For Review: PAPERBACK, E-BOOK, KINDLE

The story begins with an old-school pimp named AD coming out of prison to find that the game has changed. The stroll is now home to a different breed of hustler while some hustlers still try to earn a living by way of the pimp game, most of them simply use the stroll as a place to sell drugs. AD adapts quickly to the changes that have taken place, not only does he strike up a deal with the local Crips who now run the block, but he also displays a level of finesse and persuasion towards the local crack-addicted prostitutes that turn the game on its head.

Slave to the Trade should not be confused with any of the other run-of-the-mill street lit books being thrown out on the market for public consumption. Although the story has a pimp as its leading character, the sub-plots of the many other characters are a driving force that moves the story along. Each individual has a unique personality and back story, from the lowest of crackheads all the way up to the police officer who believes that AD’s existence outside of a prison cell has to be ended even if it means bending the law to make it happen.

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