Wellness – Heal Yourself!: How to Harness Placebo Power

Heal YourselfHeal Yourself!: How to Harness Placebo Power
By Beverly A. Potter, PhD
Publisher: Ronin Publishing
ISBN: 978-1579511739
Published: March 2014
Genre: Wellness, Personal Health, Healing
Formats Available For Review: pdf, print (only available to qualified reviewers/bloggers)

Your body wants to be well—and it knows what to do to get better when something goes wrong. Doctors do not understand this, so they give you drugs. But drugs do not heal the body—they simply control certain processes to facilitate healing, while your body heals you. Research has revealed that the secret of the body’s healing power can be found in “The Placebo Effect.”

The Placebo Effect frustrates doctors, because they don’t understand it. The body does the healing. When your body knows something is out of balance, it moves to correct it — no matter what medicines you take or do not take. HEAL YOURSELF! shows how to harnessing your body’s natural healing power to get well and stay well.

The placebo’s amazing effects are not just “in the mind.” They can be observed and measured in the body’s physiology. When patients believe in a fake treatment, ulcers heal, warts disappear, cancer goes into remission, swelling reduces—cells actually look different under the microscope.

And medical research reveals that it is not just fake treatments administered as “real” that can elicit the power of placebo. Relationships matter. Being married seems to help extend life more than stopping smoking!!! Similarly, spiritual life matters. Those who regularly attend church live up to 14 years longer than those who do not. Attitude matters, too. Happy people live 7-10 years longer and optimists are 77% less likely to get heart disease.

HEAL YOURSELF! explains what happens in the brain to change the body. It explains how researchers believe that the stress response creates an environment that promotes physiological breakdown, while the “Relaxation Response” creates a healing environment. More importantly, HEAL YOURSELF! offers specific things you can do, and do today, to turn on your body’s innate healing mechanisms.

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