Wellness – Healing Hormones: How To Turn On Natural Chemicals to Reduce Stress

Healing HormonesHealing Hormones: How To Turn On Natural Chemicals to Reduce Stress
By Mark J Estren, PhD & Beverly A Potter, Phd
Publisher: Ronin Publishing
ISBN: 978-1579511678
Genre: Wellness
Formats Available For Review: Print (only available to qualified reviewers/bloggers) or pdf

Feeling stressed? Overwhelmed? About to jump out of your skin from pressures of everyday life? We all feel that way at times: ready to explode from everything going on—unrelenting demands, all the time. So we take medicines, see doctors, overeat, even use alcohol or drugs. Still the pressures mount. It’s unbearable! There must be a better way!

There is. Your body knows what to do. Your body makes healing hormones that fight stress, promoting calm and balance. Nitric oxide, dopamine, endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin will help you cope with the demands of living in our hectic modern world—if you let your body do its job!

Healing Hormones shows what you can do to help yourself without pills or supplements. It shows that stress is not what most people think—not something “out there.” Stress is a response to external events—positive or negative. Since stress is your reaction, you can learn to control runaway stress by encouraging your body to produce anti-stress chemicals that will keep you calmer and better balanced.

Healing Hormones shows how we create stress by reacting to what we think is happening around us—not what is really happening. We make our own reality—one much more stress-filled than it has to be. Since we make it, we can change it. Healing Hormones tells how. A wonderful counterbalance to the pressures urging us to take more medicines and look outside ourselves for health, Healing Hormones explains how you can be healthier and happier—today and every day. Includes the quiz: “Is My Doctor a Healer?”

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