Women’s Fitness – I Don’t Want To Look Like A Man

I Don’t Want To Look Like A Man
By SA Young
Paperback: 160 pages
Publisher: outskirts Press
Published: June 2011
ISBN: 9781432768423

I Don’t Want to Look Like a Man is a book written to address the attitudes that many women have towards fitness. Although this book was written with African American women as the subject matter, there are many concepts in this book that apply to women of all colors, in fact a lot of men could gain some benefit from this book as well. The author, Scott Young, who has been involved with sports, health, fitness and medicine for many years found a prevailing thought with quite a few women when he told them to include strength training into their fitness regimen and it’s the belief that pumping some iron will cause them to look like a body-builder. It is such a common belief that many women were quick to reply “I Don’t Want to Look Like a Man” even when the rationale for why in our current society we must strength train was provided to them.

The author also found other excuses and thought processes prevalent within the African American community such as “not wanting to sweat their hair out”, the reason why they are big is because they have big bones, real women have curves, “I’m a diva”, and “my man loves me big”. These excuses and other urban myths about health and wellness are explored.

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