YA Coming of Age Fantasy – Aroma Remembers: A Magical Tale of Spiritual Awakening

Aroma RemembersAroma Remembers: A Magical Tale of Spiritual Awakening
By Cecelia May Brown
ISBN: 978-1466971387
Genre: Body, Mind Spirit/Coming of Age Fantasy
Formats Available For Review: print (only available to qualified reviewers/bloggers), e-book, pdf

“Quite the opposite, my child worrying and being fretful over something you cannot control actually detracts from the quality of your life in the present and from your longevity over time.”

A story of life issues for an adolescent girl, Aroma Remembers explores the universal truths of love, healing, adventure, and blessings, offered in a mystical tale. Aroma Green is a “cheery good-natured girl” who has within her the truths of the universe but needs to be awakened to these truths. On her adventures, her father loses his job, a best friend is hospitalized, and she is bullied by another girl. Aroma begins to recognize her spiritual connections and the healing that comes through such connections. She meets up with the Trinities who are hummingbirds who offer her support and advice, a spiritual guide in the form of a new friend, an adolescent male friend, and angels, as she also encounters the darkness of the Watchers and the lightness of the Gatekeepers. Romance is in the air along with her angels, and Aroma finds herself growing in wisdom and integrity.

The book is written for pre-teens and young teens who struggle with their growing pains. It explores mystical concepts in a readable format for this age group. As a fantasy, it works well in exploring adversity and healing through utilizing belief systems that recognize God. Exploring concepts such as boundaries, violence, detachment, faith, energy frequencies, prayer, angels, the Golden Rule, the “I Am” technique, and chakras, it is a New Age trek into the lives of children. Bullying is the underlying theme, and rumors of drug use and homosexuality are also explored. It is a refreshing take on bullying, healing, and spiritual principles.

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