YA Fantasy – The Tower

The TowerThe Tower
By Nicole Campbell
Publisher: Creativia
Published: November 2017
ISBN: 978-1973443766
Genre: Young Adult, YA Fantasy
Formats Available For Review: Epub and mobi

As summer draws to a close before the beginning of junior year, Rowyn Black is tired of seeing the Tower card stare up at her from the table.

On their 16th birthday, Rowyn’s kind is gifted with awesome powers. Except no, not really, because this is not Narnia or Hogwarts, or any other mythical realm where witches live. This is Elizabethtown, Illinois, and much to the chagrin of the local chapter of Susie-Homemakers, they live there.

All witches understand that the universe is a scary sort of powerful… on a good day. And on a bad day? Well, that’s when The Tower card shows its face during a reading.

While Rowyn hopes that the only thing The Tower foretells is the sight of the school parking lot on the first day – full of more jacked-up trucks and cut-off shorts than a Luke Bryan video – the universe has other plans.

And when the promise of The Tower comes crashing down, they all might fall right along with it.

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