YA Fantasy/Sci-fi – Children of Swan: The Land of Taron, Vol 1

Children of SwanChildren of Swan
The Land of Taron, Vol 1
By Coral Walker
Published: February 8, 2016
ISBN: 978-1522923596
Genre: YA Fantasy, YA Science Fiction
Formats Available For Review: epub, mobi, pdf

Their parents are gone.

They have not just gone. They have gone with all their furniture.

There is something small and peculiar in young Bo’s hand — it’s Dad’s ring. How could Dad have left without the ring?

Bo is abducted. Chasing after him, his older siblings Jack and Brianna dive into a wormhole that takes them to the land of Taron, a perilous land fuelled by hatred and plagued by vicious snake-like, man-eating bokwas.

Blue-skinned Baran people catch them and sell them to an arena where Barans entertain themselves watching slave boys fight to the death. Dad is there, staring at them like they are strangers.

The contest is brutal; the rules are clear — one game, one survivor.

There are boys as young as Jack. Can he kill?

And there’s Brianna, the one he has spent all his life squabbling with, and the last person he thought he would care about. If he doesn’t kill, she will die.

There’s no choice. He must kill, for Brianna, for Bo …

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