YA Urban Fantasy – The Darkest Lie

The Darkest LieThe Darkest Lie
By Angela Day
Publisher: Onyx House
ISBN: 978-0615724959
Published: November 2012
Pages: 470
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy

He’s electrocuted two grown men. He’s knocked down a seven story building. He’s screamed defiance at the sky in the company of a jungle panther and a red demon, and done anything he needed to survive. But the thing Thane fears most is his sophomore chemistry class.

At 15, all Thane wanted was to be invisible for three more years. His one cardinal rule was, “If they don’t see you they won’t hurt you.” And then one thing changed, and that was the catalyst for his chemistry teacher framing him for attempted murder, opening a door that led halfway around the world, getting drugged, getting shot, being imprisoned, getting shot again, and finding out that there’s a hole ripped in the fabric of our reality where magic is seeping in.

That one thing was, of course, a pretty girl.

Now Thane is fighting to keep his humanity and questioning his sanity while everything he’s ever believed is being proven wrong. He isn’t invisible and he isn’t powerless and he can hear the song that holds the universe together, but knowing that science and magic are two sides of the same thing isn’t going to save him. The most powerful magic and the most advanced technology will fail and worlds will fall unless Thane can do one thing. He has to believe in a power that doesn’t come from magic or machine, and let go of the darkest lie he’s ever been told.

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